An introduction to many as a video editor

I have always grown up loving and wanting to express myself through art and creativity. I have ventured down many different forms of art until I got to the point I am at now. One thing always seemed to love despite all of this was filmmaking and learning about the behind the scenes of movies and television shows. I remember being a little girl in my room making short films with my toys and camera. I am currently a freshman at Montclair state university majoring in television and digital media with a concentration in television production. My academic goals are to obtain a high GPA and manage to graduate on time. I will work towards achieving a high GPA by doing my assignments at a reasonable time-frame and studying for upcoming exams ahead of time. I will also work toward this by managing my time better so I will have the time and space to get everything I need to be done. What I am doing right now to build my personal brand is by joining clubs and activities geared towards my personal and academic interests. One of the clubs I have joined so far was my school's radio station also called WMSC. I have also joined the video production club here at my school where hopefully I can learn about my field while I work with fellow classmates and make connections.

If I was to look 10–15 years from now I would hope that I will work as a professional video editor. I also hope that I would have gotten a job as a professional visual effects artist for a motion picture film or a television show as well. What I have been doing to work towards my dream job is I have been strengthening my video editing skills by experimenting with different video editing software such as Davinci Resolve, Adobe premiere pro, And Adobe After effects. I also Have been getting involved in ways to get personal experience in my field. Just recently I have worked with a team of editors to help make the production of a musical called La Nela De Socrates. Working on this project really gave me an insight on how working as an editor for a project in the media would be like and I enjoyed it so much and I can't wait to work on more projects like this in the future.

La Nela De Socrates (2020) Adapted from “Marianela” (1878) by Benito Perez Galdos with English translation by Clara Bell

Grit is how willing you are to work towards things you are passionate about and the goals you have set for yourself. I feel like I personally have some grit especially when it comes to my professional goals. I know I am very dedicated to achieving my dream goals for the future but I also know that I need to stay motivated and focus if I want to head to these dreams.

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Iyoni Tillman

A television and digital media student at Montclair State University in the class of 2024